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               The following is an abridged
version of some of the meaningful ideas of Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch that is wriiten
in his “Collective Writings – pub. For the Rabbi Dr. Joseph Foundation by Feldheim’s

          Haman who was a descendant from
Amalak said to King Achashveirosh:     ”There
is a nation scattered and isolated among the nations, in all the provinces of
your realm. Their laws differ from those of every other people…” (Megillas
Ester 3:8).

              Is not Haman’s description of the Jews
before the king, more than two thousand years ago, still valid and accurate?
Indeed, we exist as a people, dispersed and isolated among the nations – yet completely
distinct, governed by our laws.

              The origin, character, purpose and
significance of Jewish law differs from all others. Everywhere else the law is
created and formulated by the people; while the Jewish people were formed by
the Law (Torah).

               Everywhere else the law serves the
people, whereas the Jewish people serve the law.

                Everywhere else law and religion foster
the progress of private and public life, but the private and public goals of
the Jew are achieved only through the fulfillment of the Law.

                Everywhere else both  law and religion are subservient to the social
and cultural needs of men and nations, but we as Jews subordinate our wishes
and desires to the Law.

                   Everywhere else, the law and religion
are two separate entities, however, our religious and social lives are interwoven
and seamless.

                  Everywhere else, religion and the law are
the products of the gradual cultural progress of the nations, whereas our law
was and is absolute and perfectly fitting to guide us throughout all times and
circumstances. From the outset the Torah has been designated as the highest
achievable goal for all generations to come. It is the ideal towards which our
nation strives and it will always remain immutable and unalterable.

   Our Torah encompasses all of
life and elevates it into one continuous Divine service. The Law transforms
daily life into a magnificent praise to G-d, where our own homes can be likened
to the temple and our tables to the alter.

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