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          To give us a glimpse of just how important the drinking of the four cosos is, it is written in the Sulkan Aruk that: “Even a poor man who is supported by tzedaka should sell his garments, or borrow, or hire himself out for the sake of obtaining wine for the four kosos of Pesach” (472-13). Yet the Mishnah Breuer adds that if one only has the means for one of these mitzvos: “(Having) light for one’s home is more important than (having) wine for the four cosos (on Pesach) because it is necessary for shalom bayis.”

       Much ink has been used in discussing the issue of shalom bayis. Its attainment is sometimes elusive, yet perhaps we can derive some very interesting hints which are imbedded in the juxtaposition of these two halachos which will provide an “insightful” beam of “light” into our lives. How is this crucial goal best achieved? Just as the halacha of the financially poor person requires him to sell his garments to fulfill the halaca of the four cosos, how much more so does a person who is “poor in discernment” needs to sell his “outer garments” which can hint to “selling” / relinquishing his yetzer hora thereby enhancing shalom bayis.

                Another alternative is to “borrow” from others, which can mean regarding shalom bayis to go out – to “borrow”/ to get good advice on improving relationships.

      The third option to hire himself out – ie. – go to work which can allude to “working” on how to listen to others which will naturally increase harmony.

                    May we all merit that the “radiant light of shalom” spread out to the whole world thereby bringing peace and blessing for all. 

                                                                            Chag samach


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