Jewish Soul Journey


                How would one feel if their doctor, after medical testing, told the patient that the bad news is that there is an impediment in his heart, but the good news is that it is that it can be removed non-invasively? How much would the patient be willing to spend to refurbish any one of his vital organs? For most people there would be no limit to money, time or effort!!!

               Wondrously, the Creator has imbued within the mitzvah of taking the arba minim the power of a supernatural metamorphosis during days of Succos. How so? Every year we are given the opportunity to acquire a rejuvenated and reinvigorated spiritual heart which is alluded to through the mitzvah of taking esrog, a renewed mindfulness through our lulav, an insightful clarity with our vision alluded to by our hadasim and an enhanced ability to express ourselves, as alluded to by our aravos.

               Likewise just as the four species serve as spiritual channels to help us purify and renew the gifts of our souls, so also through the mitzvah of dwelling seven days in the Succah with the seven Ushpizin, our surroundings are transformed thereby elevating us into a higher state of kiddusha and simcha, that can hopefully continue to bestow upon us throughout the rest of the year feelings of renewal and inspiration.

               How is this achieved? The sukkah is a, so to speak, metaphysicalx cocoon that can help us remove any “roofs” of perceptual limitation and replace them with the supernal s’chach –which allows us to peer through the gaps thereby widen our spiritual horizons.      

           Then on Simchas Torah we are able to dance with even greater joy and enthusiasm being grateful with our connection with all the mitzvos of our holy Torah.

                                                              Simchas Yom Tov 

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