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           Rx PRESCRIPTION: PURIM FOR MOOD ENHANCEMENT                           

           DOSAGE: Twenty four hour spiritual “infusion” that keeps us elevated for the whole year.

           SUPERNAL “INGREDIENTS” : The four essential sacred “compounds” are Mikra Megillah, Shelach Manos, Matanos Le-Evonim and Seudas Purim along with either  just enough “high octane fluid” or a short snooze in order  to activate the  ad d’lo yada benefits.

            SOME OF THE IMMEDIATE RESULTS OF THIS UPLIFTING “REMEDY”: Guaranteed to “turn around” –mehapech hu – and transform any and all worries, woes and negative moods into joy, happiness and contentment.


1) The first “dose” of the reading of the Megillah at night is to be “administered” on an “empty stomach” with total concentration for best “absorption”.

             2) Keeping a smile on your face is very contagious.

 3)   In order cut down excess “weight gain”, “trim” your pocketbook down as much as possible by giving generously.   

PROBABLE AND DEFINITE “SIDE EFFECTS” : Some people may find themselves irresistibly drawn to wearing amusing costumes and prancing around,  while everyone will radiate a blissful cheerful countenance and have a great time.

“CAUTION”:  Beware that the beneficial “side effects” of matanos l’evyonim and (mishloach manos) will arouse feelings of deep gratitude to Hashem for this opportunity to share with others. This will in turn cause even more serious “symptoms” of intense joy and generosity which can only be “cured” through the “antidote” of sharing with everyone even a bigger smile and as much as possible.

     FOR QUESTIONS RELATING TO HOW TO INCREASE YOUR JOY –  Call: THE  1- 800-PURIM  RAV HOTLINE. If no one answers – just “turn the phone upside down” and talk yourself into enjoying the festivities.

                                                                                                PURIM SAMEACH

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