Jewish Soul Journey


          Meron in Eretz Israel is the burial site of the RASHBI author of the ZOHAR the seminal treatise on Kabbalah. It is awe inspiring to see thousands of Jews from every walk of life come to this holy site to reconnect with the very roots of their souls.  

        They come from all over the world and represent the entire spectrum of Jewish consciousness and social and political conventions and practices . Here  we can find the ultra orthodox and the radically secular,the conservative and the liberal, some with long peyot [side locks] while others with pony tails.

        This diverse group comes together in  order that each may connect with the supernal transcendence of this timeless holy place. Some are filled with tears of pain while others are celebrating in joyous ecstasy. Nonetheless, by the time they are ready to depart,  each visitor will  have a definitely discernible
experience – it may express itself as a sense of renewal and inspiration, or it
may present in a more subtle fashion  — but each will receive in accordance with  the power of his or her soul to be recharged.

    How is such a phenomena possible? The answer is not “blowing in the wind”  but hovering within the core of each one of our souls. The holy RASHBI,  as he is fondly and reverently called, merited to find a way to reveal the deepest levels of Kabbalistic tradition in a format that keeps itself hidden
from all but a select few Sages in each generation.

        The sefer that he wrote, the Zohar contains all of the encoded secrets of
theTorah which were later revealed by giants such as the ARizal and his
disciples. This extraordinary sefer  contains the spiritual keys to all of the
hidden worlds and the powers locked within them to re-balance our –
neshomas – thus providing the  truest form of  soul food.


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