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             Since everything that exists in the world has its roots founded in the Torah, it is interesting to note that at the very same time when we are reading and learning about the Divine edict of one who flees under very specific circumstances to one of the (Arey Miklot) cities of refuge for asylum in this week’s Parsaha Shoftim (19:1-13), the nations of the world are seriously deliberating on what should be the International rules and regulations for one who flees into an Embassy for refuge and asylum?

              Needless to say that there are numerous differences between our Eternal laws of the Torah and manmade edicts but perhaps we can use the juxtaposition of these two events, especially at this time as we pass through the days of rachamin, to reflect on how fortunate we are for having the Torah which guides and directs us at all times, places and situations.

                May we soon merit that the holiness of the Torah become a miklot for the whole world thereby securing safety, peace and brotherhood for all.

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