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                Did you ever ask yourself what
is the deeper significance on a personal level of this weeks cryptic Torah
portion in Parshas Lech Lecha (14: 1 – 24) that relates the story of the four
powerful Kings whose armies after conquering the armies of the five kings took
Lot, the nephew of Avraham, as one of the captives?

                The four aggressive kings can be seen to
allude to the four powerful elements within our personalities, when they have
become our own worst enemies. How so? Just as the world around us consists of
the four major elements of earth, fire, water and air, so also on a microcosmic
level we have these counterpart natural forces within us.

            The earthly
attribute within us can either become the “fertile soil” to cultivate
productivity or if allowed to remain unattended due to idle laziness the
earthly nature within will remain arid and infertile thereby “burying the seeds”
of one’s potential.

            So also do
we find with the attribute of fire within us which can either serve as the light,
heat and energy of our enthusiasm and fervor or turn into a raging
conflagration of “fiery passions”.  

            So too the
attribute of water within us can either be used to quench our spiritual
“thirst” or if not properly channeled become a “tsunami – flooding” ones
lifestyle with corporal desires that then can all too easily “drown” ones true

            Lastly just
as fresh air has the power to rejuvenate and revitalize our soul/ body
connection, so also if the “whirlwinds” of the times are not properly harnessed
then these “tornado” like impulses can cause destructive havoc.

           Therefore perhaps we can see learn a profound
lesson in this Torah portion, that it is that the sacred responsibility of our
holy soul  – which corresponds to Avraham
Avinu – needs to take the initiative to besides working on conquering – ie.
transforming the four unhealthy (Kings) qualities of sluggishness, obsessions,
melancholy and arrogance (corresponding to the elements of earthliness, fire,
water and air) into the positive attributes of alacrity, holiness, joy and
humility; we also should pray that our five senses follow sensibility of  the Torah, so as not to become tainted and
corrupted, as did the five kings and their people who lived in the area of

           As to why
Avraham Avinu was specifically motivated to save his nephew is because Lot was
meant to be one of the genetic links to the Mashiach, whose soul is so holy
that he will orchestrate the salvation of the whole world. May it be soon in
our days.

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