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     “You are the children of Hashem, your G-d  . . . you should not make a bald spot between your eyes for the deceased. (Parshas Re’eh – 14:1)


                Did you ever wonder how it is possible to make a bald spot “between the eyes” at a place where hair does not usually grow? What therefore could be a possible deeper lesson of the Torah for writing the words “between your eyes” when it actually means the upper part of the head where hair normally grows as is explained in Gemora Kidddushin. (36:a)? Interestingly just as the esar of making a bald spot, although it says “between your eyes”, actually means the upper part of the head so also by the placement of tefillin the words written “between your eyes” actually means well above the eyes which is at the place known as the “soft spot” (fontanel) of young children.

                   Now let us attempt to see what is a possible relationship between bald spots, tefillin and children?

            The Cassidic commentaries offer us the following insight: Making a “bald spot” in mourning can be seen to symbolize the “uprooting” from ones conscious view the true purpose of life, while placing the “tefillin” at the forefront of our consciousness awakens within us the power of our neshomos.

      Perhaps we can see an additional correlation between these seemingly disparate laws through the following metaphor: “Mourning” over the “passing away” of this fleeting corporeal life can begin as soon ones childlike pristine state of renewal and inspiration starts to wane. Therefore Hashem reminds us, that through “binding” ourselves through His mitzvos we will always remain His “children” who thereby merit the blessings of perpetual renewed inspiration.

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