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              Did you ever ask yourself what is
the deeper significance, on a personal level, of this week’s cryptic Torah
portion in Parshas Lech Lecha (14: 1 – 24) that relates the story of the four
powerful Kings, whose armies after conquering the armies of the five kings,
took Lot, the nephew of Avraham, as one of their captives?

                  One of the great Cassidic masters said just
like the world around us consists of the four major elements of earth, fire,
water and air, which parallel the four kings, so also on a microcosmic level we
have these counterpart forces within our personalities. Therefore these four
kings within us if they attack us will take the form of such negative
attributes as an earthly feelings of laziness, as unfettered fiery passions,  as unabated flood of uncontrolled lusts and as
an attitude of the haughty winds of arrogance.

          Then the
Rebbe goes on to reveal that the five kings who were conquered can be understood
to be alluding to our five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch
when they have become corrupt in their own right.

            On the positive side of the coin however the
four basic elements within us as well as our five senses can and should become
our soul’s (which is referring to the qualities of Avraham and our other forefathers
which lies within each of us, allies in our striving for holiness. How so?

            It is
through “planting seeds” of alacrity in fertile “soil” of our holy Torah that “fruitful”
abundance “sprouts” forth.

            It is
through harnessing the attribute of “fiery” enthusiasm in the service of H. that
comes forth an abundance of spiritual “light and energy”.

            It is through
“drinking” from the revitalizing “waters” from the “sea” of the Torah that can truly
“quench” the thirst of our souls.

        And it is through
living within the “atmosphere” of the Torah that has the power to purify and
renew the “air” around us which leads to a more spiritually vibrant life.

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