Jewish Soul Journey



If you give a young child a walnut, what will he do with it? First he will assume it is eatable and try to bite into it. After a few failed attempts, the child will choose to, instead of seeing it as a potential food will, use it as a child’s game. If the child develops normally he will eventually be introduced to a nut cracker and learn how to crack open the walnut by its seem, thereby giving him access to be able to eat the walnut inside.

If however, the child is never introduced to a nut cracker, he will spend his whole life only enjoying the walnut, at best, a part of a game to play on the floor.

So it is in every area of life. There are all too many people who look at life’s experiences, like the child, with only a superficial outer appreciation of the purpose of life. However if one is properly educated and spiritually develops then the, – klipa – superficial distractions in life are removed, thereby revealing the invaluable fruitful core meaning of life.

This state of restrictive consciousness exists when we limit our interactions in this world like the child playing with the klipa of the walnut. The goal therefore is learn how to break the klipa, thereby accessing the essential meaning of life.