To all of you who have been reading our blog articles, and especially those of you who have taken the time to offer comments, please know that it is because of all of your beautiful vibes that we are dedicated to continue to provide the kind of “food” for thought that all of our souls need and yearn for.
               Not that we are perfectly qualified but because we ourselves have had an upbringing grounded in the secular and with wondrous Heavenly assistance have hopefully properly  transformed  into a balanced spiritual/material life, we would gladly share our knowledge and experiences with you if any of you have questions on how to progress in your soul journey. The kind of inquires you might be interested in can include for example: coming to a better understanding of the seeming dichotomies between the spiritual and material aspects of life, dealing with issues of free will verses predetermined destiny, Jewish karma, reincarnation to name a few.
                                  In the meanwhile we our wishing all of you a joyous holiday of Purim.
       P.S. Please be patient for our responses to your inquires. Also, please known  we try to add at least one article a week usually by Tue. or Wed. and will hopefully be adding video casts soon.

All articles appearing on this blog are copyrighted by Rabbi Yehoshua Binyamin Falk. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to share/download/copy this information as long as it is accompanied by the copyright. Separately authored/copyrighted materia

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