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We are pleased to say that we were able, with Hashem’s help, to save our blog which was scheduled to be discontinued by the hosting company and successfully transfer the articles and some of the sidebar items to this new Word-press blog. ¬†Unfortunately, we were unable to transfer the comments. We also lost our template themes, so you won’t see the old familiar ¬†purple tree header. Hopefully we will be able to create a suitable replacement for it as we proceed. Also we cannot replace your comments and so we invite you to make new ones and appreciate your continued support. Also those of you who would like our new articles you will need to re-subscribe. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Thank you so much

The Jewish Soul Journey Team


         A number of viewers have asked how to be in touch with us. The best way is simply to put your questions or comments in the comment section at the bottom of an article or video. These comments will be read by us but will not be published unless you specifically request publication and we deem the comment suitable.
          Also we are still looking for the link that brought many of you to our blog. It is a video on Youtube about the “Elevation of the Soul” which is one of our published articles. We would appreciate it very much if someone who has seen this video could provide us with a link to it.
           Your feed back is important to us for it lets us know what kind of articles and programming is best suited for you.

 All the best — the Jewish Soul Journey blog staff. 

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