Did you ever wonder what could be one of the underlying motivations for Hamas to once again renew their missile attacks, even though every time they have done so in the past, they are quickly overwhelmed by the superior fire power of the Israeli military?

Well, perhaps the following explanation can be one reason for this sad situation. The pattern of conflict over the years has been the following:

First – Hamas starts a barrage of missile attacks until the Israeli military launches a full scale offensive which destroys many buildings and much of the Gaza’s infrastructure.

Second – Many good hearted nations step in to call for a cease fire.

Thirdly –  After the cease fire, Hamas finds supporters to help donate money to rebuild destroyed buildings and infrastructure.

Fourthly – This rebuilding is a great boom for government status of Hamas as it put many of its unemployed to work and greatly improves their employment statistics in the eyes of the world.

Fifthly – A number of years later the whole cycle is repeated with the old being destroyed and rebuilt with the new again at the expense of Israel and Hamas supporters.

Ironically, it is like Hamas is “contracting” the Israeli military as the demolition “crew”, who works without pay and with great expense of their own, knocking down the old, so that Hamas can petition their supporters to “foot the bill” to rebuild Gaza’s cities and infrastructure.

Since the truly unfortunate devastating “price” of war is through the loss of innocent life and injuries on all sides, it is high time that the nations of the world recognize the futility of trying to rebuild a nation who feels it can gain from its destruction. Instead the world powers should spend their money and resources on helping to educate and guide people on the sanctity of life and how to fairly negotiate for their rights and send them a clear message that there will be no rebuilding funds in the future if they are seen as the aggressors.

May the outcome of such efforts, to resolve conflicts peacefully, finally allow all peoples of the world to feel safe enough to turn their weapons into plowshares, thereby cultivating true universal peace and prosperity for all mankind.

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