Have you ever regretted for saying something that possibly hurt someone else’s feelings and then wondered if there is any way to take the “sting” out of those “words” after they have already been said. Well, believe it not, we can learn how to “re-season” relationships from the potato.

                Just as excessive salt in ones diet can cause high blood pressure, so also over “salting” your feelings can “increase pressure” between others. Therefore it makes sense that just as a humble potato, which grows under the ground, will help to absorb the salt from an overly spiced soup, so can a humbled ego rebalance the flavor of a previously “overly spiced” strained relationship. Therefore just like a cook tastes the food before they serve it to make sure it is favorably spiced, how much more so should our thoughts, before they come out as words should be “favorably spiced”. 





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