Since everything in the physical
realm has a spiritual connection let us try to unveil the metaphysical
underpinnings that corresponds to the four elements of air, earth, water and
fire in relationship to the three dimensional reality of person, place and

         In relationship to people, air
can be perceived to symbolize the ethereal realm of our higher consciousness, while  the earthiness in us is the innate
power of our fruitful productivity, water symbolizes the flow of our
creativity, while fire is the spark which helps to illuminate the world.

             With regard to the essential spiritual place for
air, earth, water and fire lies within the four mystical cities of Tzaft,
Teveria, Jerusalem and Chevron respectively. Each of the holy places can in its
own unique way, help us harness our supernal energy.

           We also find a transcendental
connection between the time related Jewish Holidays and these four elements of
air, earth water and fire. How so?

           Blowing of the shofar on Rosh
Hashana – the New Year – gives us the opportunity to refresh the universal spiritual airways.
Just as the air vibrations passes from the narrow end of the shofar to its
expanded wider opening, so also Rosh Hashanah shows us how to travel the airways
of expanded consciousness.

          Prostrating ourselves down to the earth
on Yom HaKippur is a time for planting those spiritual seeds that will throughout
the year germinate in the soil of potential.

             Succos not only brings with it a special
mitzvah connected with water but it is also a holiday which can help us open
the flow of higher awareness.

         And lastly but not least, rejoicing on Simchas
Torah allows us to rekindle our flames of supernal passion thereby weaving our soul, body. mind and emotions into a magnificent seamless tapestry with design and purpose.

           May we always be at the right place at the right

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