Even though we make schedules and
appointments, using time and place as the logistical coordinates for fulfilling
our desired planned agendas, we are all too often humbled when our “watches”
don’t seem to be synchronized with the “time clock” of our destiny.

            For example those “times” when we
accidentally drive the wrong direction on a highway whose first exit is many
miles up the road, or those times when we get a flat tire and need to wait a
lengthy amount of time for a repair man to help us, or those times when we miss
a bus, train or plane, through no fault of our own, and thereby are delayed for
hours. These and numerous other situations in life although appearing
frustrating and inconvenient are golden opportunities to realize that perhaps
the inner message is that there is something about the use of our time that needs
to be “reset”.

        Let us ask ourselves: Are we allowing
our true priorities in life to be “re-scheduled”, spending our time instead
“dancing” to the “beat” of our hearts rather than “rhythm” of our souls? Do we
lose out on the eternal potential hidden within time”, instead replacing it
with the artificial tastes of “momentary” pleasures?

           Let us ask ourselves who do we blame for the
perceived “bad timing” in our lives? Do we blame our spouse, friends, the tire manufacturer,
the transportation company or do we instead see these events as blessings in
disguise as G-d’s compassionate “agents” who are reminding us to reinterpret
these seemingly “ticks of teva” as being specially designed “pulse beats” that
can nourish our neshomos.

               May we all this year be inscribed
for a healthy meaningful life.

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