Wars of liberation have been fought throughout history by captive peoples attempting to re-establish their autonomy.    Their strategy is fairly  straightforward.  Once diplomacy has failed,  they may take other , more extreme measures – secretly preparing an extensive escape plan –preparing to do battle if necessary  even though their captors may be much stronger.  They might use spies and subterfuge, and create a battle plan making the best use of men and materiel.  Each and every person would receive a specific assignment that would help to ensure success with the least amount of casualties. Many would serve as  front line military personal armed with weapons , each assigned to a specific area. Other people would serve as lookouts, messengers and  food  suppliers.

               Now let us look at the strategic approach the Bnei Israel actually took to free themselves from Egypt  and see if we notice anything unusual. The offensive military strategy seemed primarily to consist of removing all the chumetz  [leavened bread] in their abodes and preparing the Pesach offering and eating the Pesach offering the night of the outgoing from Egypt  while the defensive tactics  consisted of placing dam [blood]on the door posts and lintels at the entrance way of their homes.

                 Can we even imagine the reaction a military strategist would have when hearing how we prepared ourselves for the potential battle and ensuing Great Escape. Yet every Jew who followed this supernal protocol left safely filled with blessings. How can we explain this miraculous phenomenon?

            In Egypt, the Creator chose to utterly suspend cause and effect in a manner we perceive as miraculous.  However, even in our era, where open miracles do not occur, we can use this glimpse into spiritual technology to understand that those things that we assume are causing our successes or our failures do not represent actual causes.  It is the Creator who is the Only Cause and so when we observe His commandments, we achieve a spiritual release from  bondage to the cause and effect  paradigm of the natural world. Following the guidelines of the Torah offers us the opportunity to experience a panoramic view of supernal consciousness. This shift in awareness not only allows us to perceive the ethereal position of the soul’s relationship with the entire cosmos but also affords us the opportunity to delve deeply within and  effectuates our ability to choose to follow the guidance of  our Creator  so that we may be led to the proper path.

   We wish you a happy sweet Pesach.                   

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