Since everything that exists in the
physical world has a spiritual counterpart, let us try to see if there is any
correlation between the three security mechanisms that are made for physical
protection for our homes and three other spiritual “security systems” that we “install”
that not only protect us but also greatly enhance our lives.

    Probably all homes are equipped with door
knob locks, while many people also have bolt locks located higher up on the
door. Then there are a few people who even add a panoramic surveillance security
system on their roofs for what they feel is added protection.

          Let us therefore see if we can possibly
find our spiritual counterparts to these physical security systems? Perhaps our
three mitzvos of of Nar Chanukah, Mazzuah, and Parapet (Ma’aca) can be seen as
our core protection in our homes.

          Interestingly, most of us light our
Nar Chanukah about the same height as our door knobs locks, while we attach the
mezuzos on our doorposts at about the approximant place of the bolt locks.

            Also at the same area of the edge
of our roofs where we would place our parapet (ma’aca) – when required – is
also the ideal place to attach the surveillance security system.

          Therefore let us delve into the heart
of the manner and try to discover a deeper relationship between the placement
of these three mitzvos that are connected to the home and the three security

         At best the surveillance security
helps to protect our possessions from “falling” into the wrong hands, whereas
the supernal crown of the mitzvah of Ma’aca has the power to also protect our
thoughts from “falling” from their elevated heights.

            At best the bolt locks on the doors of our
house can protect us from unwelcome influences, whereas the mitzvos of mezuzos,
which are placed opposite “hearts”, have the ability to also guard us from
uninvited feelings.

          At best the locks on our door handles
can keep the darkness outside, whereas the Neros of Chanukah also have the
power to transform the darkness of galus into the radiance of geula – may it be
so soon in our days.

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