Did you ever ask yourselves how to
explain, the three sections of prayer of first words of praise, followed by
requests and then finalized with words of thanks, to someone who doesn’t see any
connection between the cause and effect of such actions becoming effectual?

               Perhaps we can use the following (moshal)
analogy to better understand how the sincere expressions of our heart can help
to elicit abundant blessings. Let yourself picture receiving a very large check
in the mail, which you deposit in your account at the bank. Next the check goes
through a collection process which will hopefully clear and be finally credited
to your account.

           The “depositing” the check which brings
with it great delight, correlates to the praiseful joy we express for having
another opportunity to “deposit” our time and energy towards our spiritual

           Then just as the bank “requests” for
the crediting of the check, before making it available to the account holder,
so we in our prayers  make “requests” that
will hopefully lead to a crediting our spiritual account.

               Finally just like after the
check has cleared, we are filled with thankfulness for this these available “funds”,
so also after our prayers we heartfelt offer words of thanksgiving for any and
all “funds” that have been or will be credited to our spiritual accountant.

                 May we all be blessed that our “deposits”
of Torah, mitzvos and misim tovim here and now also serve as available “credits”
for our Olam Haba.

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