Did you ever wonder, what is the deeper
symbolism of the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter? This question
is even highlighted more by the fact that when Mashiach comes, hopefully soon
in our days, the seasons as we know them will cease to be , as it will be
springtime all year around.

         At the esoteric level, the four
seasons correspond to four of the Divine attributes. First the patriarchal
spiritual powers – referred to as the sifirah of Aba or Chachmah –– which
symbolizes the essence of universal wisdom. Then second the matriarchal
spiritual powers – referred to as the sifirah of Ema or Bina –– which then expand
and channel that pristine wisdom into understanding. From there the supernal
influx travels through Zair Anpin (which includes the sifirot of teferes to Yesod)
to Nukva (the sifirah of Malchus) which then has the power to connect and
elevate mundane reality with the ethereal realms.

             Abba corresponds to the Fall whereas Ema
corresponds to the spring. Therefore it is no coincidence that their spiritual
“temperature” are already close to the Spring of the time of the Mashiach.  

           In the meanwhile, Zair Anpin corresponds
to the Winter season which can be seen as the time of inner development of our
supernal potential, whereas Nukva corresponds to the Summer season which is the
outer development of the “fruits” of our actions.

             May we soon merit the springtime
bliss of a perfected world!

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